A eulogy is a speech given or a letter that is read out in praise of a person who has died.

A eulogy doesn’t have to be a kind of history of your loved one. You can tell stories from your heart that show how your loved one’s life impacted on yours. There is no right or wrong way to do a eulogy.

These days, eulogies have become a normal part of a funeral service that really speaks about the personality and the life of a person who has died.

A eulogy is about sharing something about the person who has passed away in a personal way, to help others at the funeral know how you are feeling.

Things To Consider When Writing a Eulogy

When writing a eulogy you might want to include:

  • When and where was the deceased born
  • Nicknames and/or names known to others
  • Family and childhood - parents and where they met and married, brothers and sisters, special locations or interests
  • Schools attended, qualifications, achievements or awards gained
  • Special relationships, marriages, children and grandchildren if relevant
  • Hobbies, interests, travels, particular likes or dislikes
  • Any special or fond stories, sayings or qualities that are significant to others

Or you might prefer a special reading, music or poetry to reflect the person who has passed.