What Do I Need To Have Ready?

Arranging a funeral involves some official steps, though organising a funeral should be much more than these procedures.

To complete the official matters as easily as possible, things your funeral director is likely to need are:

  • The full name, address and date of birth of your loved one
  • Where they are located
  • The name and contact details of their doctor
  • You may wish to bring a photo of your loved one

What Do I Need To Know?

You funeral director from Charles Crawford & Sons will listen to your needs, speak to you about your loved one to get to know them in your own words, and offer you suggestions to create a unique and personalised funeral service.

Celebrating what a loved one means to you and to others can help you remember all that they have added to the world.

Even a funeral that follows specific traditions of your family, religion or culture can still have some or all of the below elements.

When arranging a service you may want to consider:

  • A viewing – a beautiful and reflective time when private goodbyes can be said
  • A personalised coffin – a one-off design tailored to your tastes
  • A theme – honour your loved one by wearing their favourite colour or something else reminiscent of their interests
  • A personal eulogy – delivered at a funeral or a memorial service, these words from your heart you share with others
  • A media presentation – photos, music and videos of your loved one that you wish to share with guests
  • An after-funeral function – a time to catch up with others who also cherished your loved one, and
  • A memorial – a place to share and reflect on memories of your loved one, whether online or a physical memorial

Save By Arranging The Funeral Ahead Of Time

With our prepaid funeral plan you pay for a fixed price funeral in today's dollars.

When the time comes, your funeral service is already planned and paid for. Your family and friends won't have to worry about arrangement details and financial concerns.

Unlike a funeral insurance policy which requires ongoing payments to cover the funeral costs, a prepaid funeral plan is a fixed price service that can be paid in instalments or in full all at once, allowing you to choose whatever best suits your budget.

Once you have paid in full, there are no future costs unless you or your family want to make additions to the original funeral plan. 

See our 5 Great reasons to prepay your funeral or call us to get started today, we will walk you through the easy process.